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High Tunnel Pilot Study Program

The US Dept of Agriculture announced a High Tunnel Pilot Study Program. Pending the approval of your local NRCS office the US Government may fund a high tunnel green house. Different states are providing different funding levels. The funding should allow your to purchase a maximum of one large high tunnel green house.

Applications for this funding are to be through your local NRCS office and the application periods vary by state. Click below to find out more on your state and Local NRCS office location.

Application forms can be obtained from your local NRCS Natural Resource Conservation Center.

This program is a new exiting opportunity for the growers,  BFG Supply Co. is staying on top of the latest changes in this program so contact for more information.

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Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) have offices located at the county level.. These local agencies are the focal point of the high tunnel pilot study. Criteria and program formats may vary slightly from office to office so it is important to directly contact the office in your county. Applications and assistance come from the county office

Great Resource SIte for EQIP

List of NRCS offices by state 


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