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High Tunnels and Accessories

High Tunnels are affordable greenhouse structures that range in size. They are used for “grown in the ground” or container  production.

BFG Supply Co. carries a number of high tunnel products that can meet your exact growing needs.

Poly-Tex Field Pro High Tunnel 20',24',30'

The new FieldPro High Gothic Tunnel is designed with the small fruit and specialty crop grower in mind. The frame goes up quickly and easily so you can get an earlier jump on the growing season. Durable roof poly and roll-up sides will provide an environment that will extend your growing season, protect your crop, and increase your yield and profits. The FieldPro High Tunnel is available in three standard widths and can be easily configured to meet your needs.  For more detailed information on Field Pro High Tunnel.

Poly-Tex Kool House Widths: 14',16',18',20'

Tired of everything that you don't get with other cold frames on the market? Our high tunnel packages have so many standard features you won't have any surprises when it comes to the final price. We think it's the best value on the market and know your wallet will agree. Comes in Frame Only and Full House packages.   For more detailed information on Kool House Tunnel

*all structures come in length increments of 4 feet starting at 24 feet long

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