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Get an early start in the spring and a later crop in the fall.

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High Tunnel Growing

High tunnel greenhouses can increase your crop profits by improving yields and extending your growing season. Studies have shown that in colder climates similar to the upper Midwest, growers can start their season 4 to 8 weeks earlier in the spring and extend the season 2 to 5 weeks later in the fall. Additionally, high tunnel greenhouses will provide more crop protection from weather, diseases and pests than field grown crops.

Some Facts:

  • This technique has been used successfully in Europe
  • You can increase your profits with minimal investments
  • BFG Supply Co. will provide you with all the information, expertise and products you need to make this happen
  • There is Government Funding for this program.

Learn more about using High Tunnel Greenhouses to increase your yields and extend your growing seasons.


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